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  • welcome to nimsa srl.

    Nimsa s.r.l. is a fast growing European service provider of Immunodiagnostic tests & Rapid point-of-care medical diagnostics.Our company offers an extensive line of high quality IVD's, while upholding the highest standard of ethical practices;

  • welcome to nimsa srl.

    enhancing access throughout emerging markets and regions of the world; supporting the end-users needs every step of the way; and safeguarding our environment. Nimsa is recognized for its high quality and reliable products, efficient shipping, competitive prices and commitment to excellence in customer care.

  • welcome to nimsa srl.

    All products provided are in full compliance with the European Directive for in-vitro Diagnostic Devices (IVDD) & other worldwide accreditations. Our Mission Our scope & main interest, is to provide professional & innovative solutions, for an effective & precise analysis, thus helping the patient to resolve the problem in the best way possible.

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